I am a public transportation user and advocate who has noticed wonderfully esoteric qualities about the people and regular personalities of my commute to and from the City to the Suburbs. At first, these observations were FB and Twitter posts, but many have suggested that these ‘brain-dumps’ are worthy of a more permanent spot in Etherspace.

DISCLAIMER: These posts are written between the time I embark on my journey to when I disembark at my station. The posts are written, tagged and an appropriate photo attached. Spelling mistakes are common and I don’t make the time to correctly cite sources for the photos. There is no intent for copyright infringement in the use of photos.

Apologies in advance to those that are aggrieved, both by the photo borrowing and the bastardization of the English language. I’d blame it on the touch screen keyboard or autocorrect, but in the end, I’m the culprit. Mea culpa.

Feel free to comment, suggest or add to the ongoing travelogue.

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