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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning. I’m on the 7:50AM into the City. The NF index is 2.

I’m sitting in the rear “quiet car” in my favorite place. The crowd is entertaining themselves with a mix of smartphone broadcast options and a fair number of printed books. Real books! Hmph. That’s so retro!

A primarily Caucasian crowd. The fellow in the way-back window seat, across the aisle, reminds me of a young Andy Garcia from the Untouchables. He’s reading a beefy novel in hardcover format.

Jacques Cousteau just sat down across the aisle and one seat over. Our famous fisherman analog is in gym shoes, a faded pair of jeans, a down black coat and a beige colored striped scarf. White, black and red stripes.

The fellow who sat next to me on the train is a Bears Fan, or at least has a Bears ski cap on to keep warm. Greg hoodie,  lack slacks, leather jacket. He’s in his early to mid fifties. His charcoal colored beard, and its a full but manscaped beard, is reminiscent of Michael Gross’s character on “Family Ties”. He removed his hat and is completely bald. Any hair that was on his head was shaved to the skin, and a faded patch of new hair now grows there like a shadow. Bearded man is a fidgety fellow. He was very keen to find a seat on the mezzanine to sit, but all those seats are full. He has an older model iCrackerBot with a fluorescent green, clear-plastic ” turtle shell” cover. His hands are very hairy. A WASP Saddam Hussain.

Also here are Taye Diggs, Rod Steiger, Ron Kittle, Chow Yun-Fat, and Paula Dean. All are armed.

Happy Holidays. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Safe travels.





Good afternoon.

On the pre-Leprechaunic 3:55PM out of the City. It’s a beautiful, bright afternoon as the train leaves the central station in the heart of the City, heading past the massive train yards to the south;¬† gentrified condos transitioning to warehouses to tenements to suburbs to the north (and to the south past the yard).

A needed Spring Thaw after a brutal winter, the last legs bashing the area earlier this week. That Vulcan blast, or whatever the media outlets named it, forced me to reschedule critical meetings to next week. I will not be on the train at all next week. For that, I am sorry I won’t be annoying my mother and the other eight of you who sacrifice your time to read this strange pop-culture acid trip of a blog.

(Groan – No, mom, I’ve never used psychoactive drugs.)

Speaking of older folk to look up to, a female version of Yoda is sitting in front of me. She is only 4′-6″ tall at best. The waist of her brown pants rests comfortably around her ribcage, tucked under her sagging chest. Her short cropped silver hair exposes an ear (of presumably two) not unlike a large cragged asteroid surface, rife with impact craters and trenches. She radiates wisdom and power, fashion sense notwithstanding. She is reading a book of poetry (a real book) from her local library. She seems content with the universe. I am jealous.

Peter Sagel is back. The WWDTM host is reading a larger format paperback novel, too far for me to see. His almost Alien clime head has a small lawn of hair just above the ear (and, I presume a mirror-image one on the other side of his head, though one can never tell these days), and a vast expanse of bare skin protecting his skull and his impressive cranial volume.

Speaking of bald, my new tuned-out friend, Chin-tee Flea is here. He is old-school in that he uses his iCrackerBot as an audio deployment device, but (like me) prefers to track time using a watch. An analog watch! This is the reason why I have a technological bond with Chin-tee Flea. We depend on the simple things to keep us aware of the world, and although cognizant and fluent with the latest technologies, have redundant systems in place in case the battery starts to loose storage efficacy.

Also here are Sean Hannity, Tracy Chapman, Hipster Union Deserter, young Enrique Iglesias, and John Blutarsky. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Happy Pi Day. Blessed Purim to my Chosen People readers (both of you). Safe Travels.

Monday, September 30, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the, last man aboard, 7:33AM into the City. But, for fancy footwork and strong lungs go I.

I’ve been home for the last few days. As any parent of pre-teen children will attest, one of the perils of maintaining a young family is that for six to seven hours a day, they navigate through a veritable Petri dish of rhino- and adeno-viruses at their school. They bring these respiratory nightmares home to unsuspecting parents, just back from a long slog in the salt mines just so the little gamers can continue watching how-to internet videos for Minegurps and Carjacker5, or whatever they’re playing now.

I was an innocent victim of an infestation after coming home early from a field-office visit last Thursday and been bed ridden until Sunday morning.

Well, enough about my health. An Observer (from Fringe) is here. The perfectly bald gentleman looks like Vincent Price’s “Egghead” from the 1960’s Batman TV Show. He is incognito, wearing comfortable brown loafers over black socks, khaki pants, a white shirt with pinstripes (sets of three; each set about an inch apart; each pinstripe about an eight-of-an-inch apart) and a trendy black fleecy vest. He looks like he just came out of a JJ Pea catalogue. Except that he really is one of twelve beings from the future here to observe this time period a head of an invasion force.

Right. Continuing with the bald theme, Ari Fleischer is here. The former Press Secretary to President George W. Bush is fast asleep in a window seat across the aisle and five rows back. He has a wonderful tan! Evidently the hush money paid to him by Haliburton after he left to “spend more time with his family” netted him some beach time in the Pacific. Good for you, Ari!

Also here is an ex-Marine looking fellow who seems to be chewing tobacco. He is also band, but has a military buzz-growth at the top, kind of like a brown moss growing on a sun-dried stump. This burly fellow is looking out the window lazily, but seems to be aware of his surroundings in a very tactical way. He reminds me of a football linebacker suffering from too many shots to the head.

Also here are Al Bundy, Bryan Cranston, Celine Dion, and Duke Ellington. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.