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Monday, September 15, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.
I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City.

Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde is here. He is frustrated about something. He just went into a silent tirade. I can’t quite make out what’s bothering him, but it is either the recent half-measures proposed by the POTUS about ISIL in Iraq, or he is reenacting a particularly animated breakup with an office romance that happened in 1983.

He seems to be lecturing his window mirror image about how the Unites States has behaved poorly over the last decade or more, making either too rash or too timid decisions about foreign policy and US interests throughout the world.

Or, he seems to be arguing with Uniqua about a reckless dalliance with a bisexual cabaret dancer in 1983, at a time where everyone in the office pool is noticing that they are acting more and more like a married couple every day, but that Uniqua’s family, former Civil Rights activists and Black Power advocates, would not be pleased to have her bring him, a young baseball player looking pasty faced, back to Greensville, Alabama for Thanksgiving.

He stares out into the green-gray haze of the afternoon sky, through the triple glazed safety windows, reminiscing about the halcyon days of the Reagan Administration.

Three Desi IT fellows decided that they felt most comfortable. They are comparing breakfast bunch places in the Western Suburbs. One fellow is the “foodie”; the other two are misers. One goes to the nicer places for the experience. The other two are trying to get the most for their money. My wife would love this conversation. I stay quiet, with headphones in my head.

Also here are Jeffrey Dahmer, Clive Owen, Katey Segal, Will Farrell, and Harvey Keitel. The are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

Monday, August 26, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago


Good evening.

On the 5:00PM out of the City. My sons just had their first day of school. Fourth grade. New school. I will go home and, although I still have a ton (the literal definition) of stuff to clear away, I will instead suppress the urge to Facebook (used as a verb), Twit, Tumbl, or Pinter my children’s post-newskool experience.

Later, the more memorable reporting will be shared. Fans of the Speed Racer & Racer X fan club will share,, partially, in my experience.

Enough about the dog days, except that, the start of school is by far my favorite time if the year ever since I was a young student. Why? Possibilities.

I am not used to these people. In that, my sons and I had a similar experience today. My experience is temporary. This train is a true express; it travels from downtown to the tertiary stop along the line, then the penultimate (my stop), then bypasses the terminal end and goes straight to the yard to be rerouted back into the City. In short, I don’t have much time to be as detailed about my observations as I can be (or have been) in other posts.

I have dubbed the 5:00PM the Orient Express. In other train cars and at other times, I am an infrequent  commuter of Indian Subcontinent origins. This train reverses that trend. About 60% of the commuters in this car are from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, and even Myanmar and the Philippines. As this isn’t a Quiet Car, there is a cacophony of Telugu, Tamil, Mandarin, Viet, Korean, Urdu, Arabic, and Tagalog interspersed with the mix of Minnesotan-Swedish English drawl, mixed with fourth – generation south side Chicago Irish trill, and highlighted by some southern twang (Georgia?, Texas?, Mississippi?). Anybody “afraid” of urban life can find a place of belonging just by following the sounds of free speech.

All that exposition has put me at the Pretty People train stop. In gotta go. Present for your contemplation are (in no particular order), four orcs from Mordor, a retired Daley-machine precinct captain, a Desi version of Mos Def, Larry David, and Alfred Pennyworth. All are heavily armed.

Happy Monday. De La Soul is not dead.

Safe travels.

Thursday, November 14, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good evening. On the dedicated 5:00PM out of the City. The Malabar Express.

If you were a demographer and wanted to figure out the population makeup of the residents of the Western Suburbs, you may believe that the whole area is populated by folks from the Indian Subcontinent. Thankfully, the trained statistician would realize that there are thirteen cars with twenty-six separate compartments and that between the last three trains and the next four trains, the population makeup may favor certain ethnic groups, would be a more inclusive cross section of the commuter going populace living forty miles or more West of the City.

Well, enough about pedagogy. Stacey Keach, the celebrated theater actor and consummate professional Thespian in the face of burning vehicles made out of marijuana, is seated up top. The mustachioed leading man is reading reviews about an off-Broadway tour he did many years ago. Our Keachian analog has a very Latino Lothario look about him. Though mostly grey, there are areas of still-jet-black hair left, both on his head and under his nose, that are reticent to give up their color. Almost like the last remaining leaves of fall.

The fellow sitting in front of me is a young Desi IT middle manager. He looks at me furtively, as I am enjoying a well deserved Fat Tire beer on my ride home. He’s a handsome, swarthy looking fellow. Long fingers. Tall at 5′-10″ or so. The tips of his hair are showing signs of whitening, but he has mostly dark, jet black, close dropped hair.

A gold ring with an imprint of a deity-idol identifies his devotion and which flavor of devotion is preferred. My mother gave me a similar ring when I graduated college, years ago. After hearing my stories, I believe she gave the ring to my wife for safekeeping. He is talking time sheets with his handler on his white-clamshell-protected iCrackerBot. I wonder if he’s married? He must be. Mama’s boy. (I should know).

So here are Ricky Gervais, a desi Henry Kissinger, a desi Ernest Borgnine, and the Son of Svengoohlie. All are armed.

One hurdle jumped. More time for Chemistry!

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.