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Monday, September 29, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.

I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City.

Harvey Keitel sat across from me in the choice jump seat. He faces the path of travel. I am looking at the crowd. Though average height, about 5′-9″ or so, Harvey crouches when he sits. Gunmetal black button down shirt, jet black slacks. Black shoes. Very Monday meetings looking. He is yawning, which is horribly contagious, as I start to as well. Our man just called someone on his iCrackerBot and, how about that!, he has a Bronx drawl to his intonation, harkening back to a scene from “Serpico”.

Also here is Clive Owen, in his usual stance of being aurally and visually attached to his iCrackerBot. I am hoping he is watching episodes of Doctor Who to see if he can grab a bit part on the popular Science Fiction program. Perhaps he will guest star as a Cyberman with some wit, or a Sontaran on a diet regimen?

There is a thirty something brunette with early Courtney Cox hairdo, who reminds me of Shirley MacLane, especially around the nose and mouth. She’s not necessarily stunning,  it there is a quiet strength a out here that is alluring. Though, she could stand well to smile.

Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde is here. He is not as animated as usual because a heavy set Alice the Housekeeper looking woman sat next to him, encroaching into his space.  He fitfully, eyes closed, EFT hand holding his bead in frustration, holds back the ongoing inner debate about ISiL vs ISIS, Salutegate, and Boobs on the Ground. Its hard to watch him struggle.

Also here are Pia Zadora, General Anwar Sadat, Ed Harris, and a shorter haired Sarah Silverman. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe Travels.

June 2, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.
On the 7:38AM into the City.

Happy Monday to all.
Y’know, I see parables on the social media threads all the time, with wise phrases like “Surround yourself with positivity” and “Cancel your subscription to their peoples issues.” Very kitschy. But, beneath the kitsch lies a bit of truth. I surrounded myself with friends and family and it was joyous this past weekend. Invigorating. You should try it.

OK. Enough about me.

There is an Indian fellow, he looks to be from the Punjab or from Uttar Pradesh, who looks exactly like David Tennant of Doctor Who and Barty Crouch, Jr. fame. Our traveling Gallifreyan is in black slacks, gray shirt, black tie and a very large black leather briefcase with side pockets. Its like somebody took a plus sized pair of heavily pocketed black slacks and retooled it into carry on luggage. Our Doctor Sahib could not be older than thirty. He looks far too serious for his age. The tie is a perfect double-Windsor. I wish I had his neck circumference. My neck feels more like a gasket connecting my head to my torso. Good luck saving the planet from doom, Doctor!

Speaking of pretty, Pippi Longstocking is back. The dancer with the serious face has her considerable coif wrapped in a tight cruller-looking long bun worthy of Princess Leia’s danishes. Her long, defined neck is exposed, leading to a simple collar free T-shirt/blouse. She looks amazed. I say this because whatever she is reading causes her forehead to wrinkle like a sand dune at low tide. She looks like a fuller, healthier and yet more serious  version of Shelly Duvall. I’m guessing she’s a dancer by her stature. I saw her board the train last week and she stands at 5′-5″ or so, but almost glides wherever she steps. Her face and the creases tell me she should be in her mid to late thirties. No earrings. Hmph.

Also here are Phil Jackson, Ben Bradlee, Che Guevara, Tupac Shakur, and the Shah of Iran. Everybody is armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

Friday, January 17, 2014 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good evening. On the 6:50PM out of the City. The NFI is 2.

I am in a good mood. The conductor from this morning is the same one as this evening. The same guy. I would love to interview that conductor. The conductor reminds me of a very grayed, mustachioed Patrick Troughton’s Doctor from the original Doctor Who series. The conductor has a bit of a gimp, making him walk up and down the aisle like a penguin. He’s a happy fellow.

If you are a history fan like me, you have watched or own All the President’s Men starring Redford and Hoffman. In the beginning sequences, Woodward went to the court to see the Watergate Burglars arraigned. He chatted with a fellow who knew, socially, Bernard Barker (one of the burglars) but was not officially associated with the defendants; he was a lawyer but not retained as council. The actor that played that guy? There’s a fellow seated two seats away that looks EXACTLY like that actor, except our guy has a military haircut.

There’s a couple who can’t sit next to each other. Coworkers. They are sitting in the next row, across from each other. He is blabbering away at her. She looks like a girl next door in all smiles and a curvy every-woman figure. She has a sultry voice. She is giving off the right signals. She likes him.

He’s too chatty or naive or scared to take the plunge. I have half a mind to yell the classic line “just get a room, already!”, but realize that this would break the first wingman commandment. You see a potential hookup in progress; do not interfere! Yes, you want to move the thing along, to help your bro out (I don’t know the fellow), but any interference, even if he’s tanking, may cause undue tension. This is especially true since I am a) just observing, b) don’t know either of these people and c) far more studly than either of these two could handle. Best to sit back.

Also here are Sheik Ali Har-a-dy, Stanislaus Laurel, Jennifer Aniston, and Tracy Chapman. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe travels.

Thursday, January 9, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good afternoon. On the displaced 3:55PM out of the City. The NFI is 1. Lots of “old coats” on.

So Robin Williams usurped my jump seat. He is a big fellow, about 6’0″ and a good 275lb or more. His scruffy beard and baggy jeans suggests he is a fellow who’s income is not dependent on attending planning meetings. I want to guess IT hardware guy or associate sound mixer. But since he was providing financial advise to Chelsea Clinton, I’m thinking he’s a recently enrolled non-traditional graduate student. In any case, the bastard is in my seat, dammit!

Well, I shouldn’t be so indignant about it. I haven’t been on this train for over twelve days. I lost my throne.

Chelsea just showed up. She is looking very cute. She’s got warm leggings under a thigh-high black skirt, a comfy gray-black-charcoal sweater. Her ginger hair is just-past shoulder length. She’s got a darker voice.

Donna Noble from Season four of Doctor Who (the reboot) is here. The curvaceous redhead is bundled in a down coat and black slacks. She looks irritable, much like how viewing audiences were introduced to her. I expect her, at any moment during the trip, to yell “OI! Chelsea and Mork from Pork! Get a room!” and then go back to her (real) newspaper.

Stanley Tucci is sitting up top. The esteemed actor is on his iCrackerBot, probably taking texts from Jennifer Laurence about paparazzi and TeenBeatdown Magazine articles about Photoshop. He, ever the wise teacher and mentor from the Devil Wears Prada, councils her to continue to do whatever she is doing.

Given where I am banished to, which is the jump seat across the aisle from my usual seat, I cannot see the ongoing argument Dr. Jekyll-Hyde is having with himself about the evolving Chris Christy traffic study. As it was said yesterday on the Daily Show, there is much excitement in the Paul Ryan camp right now. I wonder how J-H is handling the conversations?

Benched War Correspondent is also here. He wanted to follow the trail of chemical weapons from Syria to the Nordic container ships waiting on the coast of Lebanon (or was it Saudi Arabia?) hoping to score his next Pulitzer by reporting on an attempted snatch-and-grab by some offshoot of AlKindaCare in Qumar. Alas he is still benched because of that little favor he helped set up with some “anonymous sources” in the USSS while POTUS was visiting Columbus. Or was it Columbia. Either way, he’s still in the doghouse for that.

Also here are Caucasian Barack Obama, Harvey Keitel, a hipster blogger, Ed O’Neill from Married With Children, and Morley Safer. All are heavily armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

Monday, October 7, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, vaguely familiar, 3:55PM out of the City. Ending Day Seven of the Standoff in the US Capitol Corral.

Let’s get right to it. The Historian is here. For those of you who remember, this fellow is a bigger, pear shaped version of a well renowned, yet forgotten-named Presidential Historian. I originally thought he was doing research on the (best) forgotten President James K. Polk, when in fact he is personally evoking the physique and presence of William Howard Taft. Unfortunately, the Historian is unable to replicate the formidable mustache that made Taft the first Arctic Walrus President. After a long day of sifting through archival data at some of the City’s most reputable academic and private collections, Historian is conked out asleep. Poor fella.

Its a rather crowded front car this evening. Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, is here. For those of you asleep at the Science Fiction wheel, Doctor Who is the longest running (though not quite continuous) Science Fiction TV serial ever made, by the BBC London.

Well, the latest actor to play the regenerative roll of the Doctor, Matt Smith, is here and is superlatively coiffed with that thick head of wavy hair. His last appearance playing the gallivanting Gallifreyan ended a few days ago, and young Matt Smith has been on a bender in the City. I’d ask for the scruffy, angle jawed, handsome fellow’s autograph, but I am unsure if it is him. Seriously, folks, he is the epitome of modern health. VaVoom!

I can’t chat for very long. Phone calls coming in. Also here are Al Bundy, a Sontaran Field Marshall, Wagner-Fan, Clive Owen, Sir Richard Harris, a darker Pink, Mike Ditka, Minnie Minoso, Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde, and Caucasian Barack Obama. All are armed.

If you have become desensitized to the partial closure of Government, then please take another look. A partially operational federal government is a lot like a partially functional computer system. Nothing really works until the OS comes fully online and operational.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

Monday, September 30, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, highly recommended, 3:55PM out of the City. I hope you are all well.

I say that, in part because tomorrow is the first day of Obamacare. This president has the dubious distinction of having, not a doctrine like Truman or a political movement like Jackson, but an actual bit of law nicknamed after him. It wasn’t called “Johnson-Care” in 1966. It was called “Medicare”. But this? “Obamacare.”

Like it or not, it’s the law of the land. Like owning a car, where you gotta buy insurance for the vehicle, you now have to buy insurance to get access to healthcare. So, find an exchange, call your State government. Get enrolled today.

My take on it? It must be a good law because nobody likes it. Also, healthcare is a for-profit business. General health of the populace is a for-profit business. I wonder how we’d feel if law enforcement, fire protection, and judicial prudence were also for-profit enterprises. Oh, wait…..

Anyway, good health to you. Wagner-fan is here. He’s looking well. He’s lost a little weight. A little. He’s fiddling with his iCrackerbot, queueing up Zubin Mehta’s direction of ‘Valkyries’ with LSO. Mazeltov.

Benched War Correspondent is here. He is wishing nothing but ill-will towards Vladimir Putin. Y’see, a military intervention in Syria was just the thing he was looking for to get back “into the game”. He already has contact on the ground – old friends from the Beirut Bombing days – that he was hoping to touch base with as an imbedded reporter. If nothing else, he was hoping for some free-range-mutton Shwarma and mortar-shell ground couscous, versus the franchised stuff he finds in the Southwest suburbs and in DC.

Clive Owen is here. He is catching up on Season Four of “Breaking Bad” so he can at least seem quasi-hip at the coffee machine, trying to follow the young web-heads ADD’ing over how then show ended. “OMG and what they did with Jesse and Jack…and (breathe) Walter White! Whoo! Perfect!” while he looks on vacuously and wishes for a discussion of Tom Baker’s Doctor.

Also here are Caucasian Barack Obama, George Stephanopolous, Dee Dee Meyers, Cokie Roberts, Ben Bradlee and the bouncer from Jerry Springer. All are (heavily) armed.

Going to meetings tomorrow. Off the rail grid. See you Wednesday.