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Monday, September 29, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.

I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City.

Harvey Keitel sat across from me in the choice jump seat. He faces the path of travel. I am looking at the crowd. Though average height, about 5′-9″ or so, Harvey crouches when he sits. Gunmetal black button down shirt, jet black slacks. Black shoes. Very Monday meetings looking. He is yawning, which is horribly contagious, as I start to as well. Our man just called someone on his iCrackerBot and, how about that!, he has a Bronx drawl to his intonation, harkening back to a scene from “Serpico”.

Also here is Clive Owen, in his usual stance of being aurally and visually attached to his iCrackerBot. I am hoping he is watching episodes of Doctor Who to see if he can grab a bit part on the popular Science Fiction program. Perhaps he will guest star as a Cyberman with some wit, or a Sontaran on a diet regimen?

There is a thirty something brunette with early Courtney Cox hairdo, who reminds me of Shirley MacLane, especially around the nose and mouth. She’s not necessarily stunning,  it there is a quiet strength a out here that is alluring. Though, she could stand well to smile.

Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde is here. He is not as animated as usual because a heavy set Alice the Housekeeper looking woman sat next to him, encroaching into his space.  He fitfully, eyes closed, EFT hand holding his bead in frustration, holds back the ongoing inner debate about ISiL vs ISIS, Salutegate, and Boobs on the Ground. Its hard to watch him struggle.

Also here are Pia Zadora, General Anwar Sadat, Ed Harris, and a shorter haired Sarah Silverman. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe Travels.

November 30, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning and Happy Friday. On the 7:50AM into the City. I really must take an earlier train! The NFI is 1.

Fred Gwynne is back and is sleeping in his favorite seat (I should talk!). Next to him is the blonde hefty Kathy Bates, wrapped in a black down-filled winter coat. This is overkill for the weather in the City. Perhaps she is wearing it as a mobile heat exchanger sonas to trick the body to slough off fat as sweat? Bates is looking at her  iCrackerdroid and smiling at photos of James Caan.

In the jump seat with me, facing the direction of movement, is the blonde contract-actress that can play everymom on the Hallmark Channel. On reflection, she reminds me of the actress Teri Polo of Fokkers and WW Season 6-7 fame. She did her makeup between sitting down and the next stop over before the train goes express into the City. Peach-salmon colored lipstick and a simple base with a hint of rouge on the cheeks compliment her corn-fed girl next door profile.

Sitting next to me is someone completely new. A late twenty-something young woman with a Snooki/John Boehner orange-day-glo tan! Her overdone skin tone fades in nicely with the brown top, copper skirt, brown hose and leather boots. The whole ensemble is offset with a huge metallic colored Gucci-knockoff handbag that could double as a baby-carrier for a newborn. Hah! She also has a brown, faux-leather jacket. Well coordinated, Snooki!

Day-glo chick is attractive in a mob-boss daughter/jewish princess sort of way. Daddy takes care of everything. She’s reading a Danielle Steele novel with red lettering and a white cover. Wow! Even the skin under her nails matches the tanning-booth treatment. Is that even scientifically possible?

A younger looking Ed Harris is here. Our E. Howard Hunt portrayer is wistfully looking past his bench-mate and out the window as the suburbs roll by. His prominent forehead and well trimmed mustache belies a generational disconnect. His sideburns and the previously mentioned mustache make him a product of the post Vietnam 1970’s, though clearly the fellow is younger than me by at least six years. Are the’70’s the new retro in thing now with the hipsters? I thought they a)didn’t care and b)wished the Beats were still happening. Well, with poetry slams and flash-mob events, I guess a Beatnik revival is underway, isn’t it? 

Also to be mentioned are a young (long-haired) Martina Navatralova, Kim Jong Il, Alice Cooper (unpainted), a stunning turkish woman, and Sofia Coppola.

Have a good day. Safe travels.