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Tuesday, January 13, 2015 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning.

I’m on the 7:48AM express, which should have been the 7:28AM express, but was “delayed due to mechanical issues”. The NF Index is two.

Its been awhile since I’ve posted, and I felt that I am doing myself a disservice by having a blogspot but not providing meaningful, or at least updated, content.

The crowd is older. The median age of the commuters in the rear quiet car is at least 52. Extrapolating this reasonable observation, I surmise that the commuter rail customer is aging rapidly.

For example, Cher is here. The superstar diva analog has dyed, jet black hair that, although washed and conditioned, is arrayed as if she just woke up from a night of passionate lovemaking and, using her hands and fingers like a shampoo commercial, set her hair about her head like she just doesn’t care. Her black, brand named faux-fur coat is accented by a white cougar print scarf. Did I say cougar? I meant leopard.

Speaking of powerful women, Gloria Steinem’s stunt double is here. This doppelganger of the powerful woman’s activist is tired, napping on the train as it sways to and fro. Her hair is cut shorter than the actual GS’s hair; more of a Rachel Green look from the second season of Friends than the long, Rachel Welch from Barbarella that Ms. Steinem was wearing at the series finale of The Colbert Report.

Also here are Chris Elliot, Etta James, a bald Liam Neeson, Moriarty from the BBC remake of Sherlock, and a Desi version of Anthony Quinn. For the sake of Liberty and security, everybody is armed.

Happy Tuesday.
Safe travels.

July 17, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:30AM into the City. The secret word for today is sticky.

As the weather reaches the 100’s, many people (myself included) are coming to work in various states of disrobe. Through a middle-management corporate bloodsucker, I am dressed in shorts, a comfortable shirt and sandals. I have, as I presume many do, a pair of slacks in their bag and work shoes at the office.

Then there are some who aught not to be as bare as you dare. For example, there is a woman who looks a lot like Judy Baar Top in a, comptroller for the State of Illinois, in a white one piece dress, white compression hose (for the varicose veins) and hipster walking shoes. She accents this ensemble with a purple Cardigan like sweater that has one button at the neck. When I look up “Hag” in the D&D monster manual, her picture shows up! I try to be as honest but as diplomatic about my descriptions of co-commuters, but this is just wrong on so many levels. Where is Stacy London when you need her?

Willem DaFoe, award winning actor and really fun bad guy, is sitting up top reading a script. I hope he takes the role, as we haven’t seen him on screen in awhile. From my vantage, I can make out his prominent angular jawline. Our fellow is young, not having the wrinkles associated with men of a certain age. Like the real DeFoe, his profile has a skull like quality about it.

There is a man sitting in front of DaFoe up top with his legs in the aisle and hunched over like a baseball catcher. He’s watching his iCrackerBot with a leer. Not a look of entertainment, or humor, or intensity as if watching a drama, but a leeriness associated with voyeurism. So, either is spits highlights or porn. One can never tell.

Also here are Cannonball Adderley, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, a young Elvin Jones, Joe Satriani, Etta James, and Eric Dolphy. All are asleep. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday to you. Safe travels.