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Wednesday, September 10, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago




Good afternoon.

I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City.

Dr.Jeckyl-Hyde is in full swing. He has his right hand supporting the right side of his animated face, which is speaking to the back of Benched War Correspondent’s head.

Evidently he was listening to Elizabeth Warren’s questions to the SEC general, where she asked the question “Why hasn’t the SEC recommended a list of bank executives to be further prosecuted for fraud for the collapse of the economy due to CDS (Or CDO or CDL) – bad mortgages, since the Banks have already claimed direct liability and have been accrued fines of up to $32B?”

The SEC General, whose name J-H is now pondering, didn’t have a direct answer, stating that the SEC is a monitoring agency only with no prosecutorial powers. J-H renacts Sen. Warren’s clarification to the General “But, General, during the S&L crisis of the mid-1980’s, it was common that the SEC sent recommendations and amassed evidence to the Attorney General’s office to prosecute those executives found to commit fraud through the SEC’s hard work. Did the SEC do that with the evidence amassed that need to the fines against the current banks?” “No”, replied the General (again, J-H reenacting the whole conversation). “Why not?” asks J-H’s Senator Warren.

J-H then stops, like like the SEC General, and looks out the window silently.

Elizabeth Warren EMBARRASSES Bank Regulators At F…: http://youtu.be/2F6YkBa_Tig

Also here are Reverend Run, Moby, Gloria Estevan, Rachel Maddow, and the Son of Svenghoulie. All are armed.

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Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.