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Good morning. On the bright and early 7:15AM into the City.
The NFI is 1.

I am sitting in the rear quiet car. For those of you new to the blog or requiring a refresher, the quiet car concept was introduced by the metropolitan rail authority, based on commuter complaints, for those riders desiring a peaceful ride to work. By social engineering consent, two cars on the train – second car in the direction of travel and second to last car – are designated quiet cars on all express trains into and out of the City. Cell phones are muted. Conversations are curtailed. Snoring is allowed. All of these rules are enforced by the commuters themselves, with friendly reminders by the conductors.

I am sitting in my favorite seat, with my back to the direction of travel and facing my co-commuters. There is a couple seated one bench over. He reminds me of a retired TV news broadcaster who’s doing something else. She looks like a more pleasant and less blingy Gisele Bundschen.

As the train left the station, Giselle started chatting, quietly, to Bob the Broadcaster about something or other, as he was playing Mint Mash Madness on his iCrackerBot.

Y’see, he is totally hooked by the colorful designs and the reward sounds he gets when he plays the game. At first it was for free. When he reached level 11, he couldn’t get past the level, but noticed that you needed to pay 99¢. That’s cheap, he thought.

But now? Now he’s on level 79 and he’s had to open up a separate supersecret Synthcash account to pay for his level-ups. Giselle doesn’t know that he’s been shortchanging the IRA max buy-in so he can get his Mint Mash Madness on.

She has stopped attempting to engage Bob in meaningful dialog and is sipping away at her coffee, looking out the window quietly.

Also here are Francis Ford Coppola, Brendan Fraser, Ira Glass, and  the conservative leadership of the British Parliament. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

Friday, February 14, 2014 – Homeward Bound – Valentine’s Day – trainspottingChicago


Good afternoon. On the unloved 2:30PM out of the City. The NFI is one.

I thought, since I would be home early, I’d find my favorite spot in the front car, with my back to the engine. So here I am. Really not the happiest group of commuters this afternoon. It’s Friday. It’s the day to fully express your affection for whomever. Or, reclaim an understanding of oneself. Yet I see a general… Meh… with this group.

For example, the fellow in front of me, one seat over, looks like Robert Blake. The widower and once suspect in the death of his wife, and former 70’s TV dick, is a total frowny face. Evidently he received no love from a girlfriend, his mom, a sister, a boyfriend, or anybody wishing him a Happy Valentine’s Day. Not even a  broadcast e-mail from the office pool, the desk Sargent, his CO, or the nice bail bonds folk at County lockup. Nobody loves this guy. He’s put his headphones on and is now listening to dirge music, or early Sinnead O’Connor.

I am sorry for the short post. I am getting phone calls again from headhunters and clients. I left early so I can take my children to a thing and then go home and watch movies with the missus. I was quite efficient this week!

Also here are Ira Glass, Ice T, Alex P. Keaton, Mr. Miyagi, and Lance Armstrong. All are armed.

Happiness to you. Spring is almost here. Snuggle. Safe travels.

February 20, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspottingChicago


Good evening. On the very late 5:22PM out of the City. I am tired. It’s early yet before the train leaves, so I can’t quite call the NFI.

Gov. Bobby Jindal is here. He, or more accurately his body double, is seated six seats ahead. He looks a bit frazzled and a little frustrated that Marco Rubio is getting so much attention. “I didn’t have stoner-dry-mouth while doing my Constitutionally Mandated rebuttal two years ago. Wait. Rebuttals aren’t constitutionally mandatory. Only the State of the Union is. DOH!”

A neighbor in my subdivision, fellow PTA member and fellow engineer sat down next to me. All one fellow. After some shop talk and chats about family, we have decided to immerse ourselves in our individual iCrackerbots.

Mo Rocca is here. The CBS commentator and WWDTM panelist is listening to his MP7 player to Ira Glass. He looks concerned but serene, as anybody would when listening to Ira speak about any subject.

I wish I bad more time! The pleasant conversation with my neighbor bled into my observational recording. Suffice to say that also on this train are Terry Gilliam, Benicio Del Toro, a young Glenn Beck, Rue Paul, and Mrs. Vladamir Putin. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Perhaps a Hangout for those in the know? 9:00PM CST. We’ll talk trains. Safe travels.