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Monday, September 15, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.
I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City.

Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde is here. He is frustrated about something. He just went into a silent tirade. I can’t quite make out what’s bothering him, but it is either the recent half-measures proposed by the POTUS about ISIL in Iraq, or he is reenacting a particularly animated breakup with an office romance that happened in 1983.

He seems to be lecturing his window mirror image about how the Unites States has behaved poorly over the last decade or more, making either too rash or too timid decisions about foreign policy and US interests throughout the world.

Or, he seems to be arguing with Uniqua about a reckless dalliance with a bisexual cabaret dancer in 1983, at a time where everyone in the office pool is noticing that they are acting more and more like a married couple every day, but that Uniqua’s family, former Civil Rights activists and Black Power advocates, would not be pleased to have her bring him, a young baseball player looking pasty faced, back to Greensville, Alabama for Thanksgiving.

He stares out into the green-gray haze of the afternoon sky, through the triple glazed safety windows, reminiscing about the halcyon days of the Reagan Administration.

Three Desi IT fellows decided that they felt most comfortable. They are comparing breakfast bunch places in the Western Suburbs. One fellow is the “foodie”; the other two are misers. One goes to the nicer places for the experience. The other two are trying to get the most for their money. My wife would love this conversation. I stay quiet, with headphones in my head.

Also here are Jeffrey Dahmer, Clive Owen, Katey Segal, Will Farrell, and Harvey Keitel. The are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

Monday, November 25, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good evening. On the favorite 3:58PM out of the City. “The Crazy 3:58”.

Before I begin with my observations (such as they are), I want to wish my Chosen People readership a blessed Hanukkah season. To my American friends, I wish you and your families a happy, plentiful, and emotionally event-free Thanksgiving holiday. Remember, you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your response to the insane.

Speaking of family, Dr. Jeckyll-Hyde is here. His far right personality has gone a little off the deep end. I know this because he is actually audible. He is looking out the window and nodding while mumbling silently, but every few seconds or so, you can bear him say “No.” and “Not acceptable.” Periodically, be stops nodding his head, but still looking out the window and still mumbling, as if the center-right-RINO is explaining another critical point, to which he begins to nod again, blurting out an audible “No.” Evidently, his far-right is channeling Lindsay Graham while the RINO is representing McCain. The topic of contention is the less-than-satisfactory deal made by Sec. John Kerry with the EU, OPEC, Israel and Iran. I haven’t been following the details butterfly J-H is exorcized about it. He is (they are?) in for a rough Thanksgiving this year.

There is a gentleman with a military haircut and build of an ex-Marine. I say ex because he is out of uniform, is too old to be a recruit or NCO, and is too relaxed for the image. He has the facial features of a young Spencer Tracy. He has the build of Brian Urlacher. Black leather jacket befitting a Chicago Police Department beat cop or cross-country motorcyclist. Gray hoodie. His shoulders are wider than my leg is long. I mentioned him because I am a bit scared he’ll come after me if he isn’t properly recognized.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is here, sitting across the aisle and one seat back. Though dressed as a mid-level executive, M’sieu Sarkozy has that je ne c’est quoi that makes him attractive. Having no bench partner, be has sprawled himself about the seat, deposit his coat and attaché next to him. He is doing that thing where one cleans ones teeth with the tip of ones tongue to ensure there isn’t a piece of spinach quiche from lunch trapped between the incisors.

Also here are DeForest Kelly, Jeffrey Dahmer, Clive Owen, Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest, Benched War Correspondent, and Herman Cain. All are armed.

I’m out till December, folks. Thank you for your continued interest in my brain meandering as I commute every day.
Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest, request or otherwise let me know you care.

Happy Thanksgiving. Safe Travels.

January 15, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good evening. On the, crowded-house of fun, 4:30PM out of the City. Feeling frumpy.

So, a fun filled car this evening. For my competitive  shooting enthusiasts readers out there, its a target rich environment. The NFI is 5.

The collective tonnage, myself included, being hauled in this car alone must be in the tens-of-thousands. Those in the group that are at the national average or less for BMI look like candy canes on a Christmas tree compared to the ornamentation of post-holiday opulence in the car. I am most certainly representing the Bracegirdle or Sackville-Baggins set, with layers that connote a healthy stash of mead and premium cheeses in my larder.

Enough about me. William “The Refrigerator” Perry of the 1985 Championship Chicago Bears is sitting next to me. We are both facing our fellow commuters in the jump seat.. I look like a soon to be crushed walnut compared to the formidable ex-defensive lineman. I really want to ask him for his autograph except for the fact that a)I am not quite sure it is him; b) he doesn’t look like he’s in a mood to be recognized; and c) even if the opportunity existed, my book and pen are in my left hand pocket and, given the crowded circumstances, I may accidentally brush pass his privates in the attempt to extricate the pen and book. Bad joss. I will just reminisce about bygone days of Bears football.

WGN-TV weatherman and climatologist Tom Skilling is here. He is mulling over NOAA charts on his laptop and divining forecasts for the next eleven weekends. He has a look of sad reservation about him as he catches up on e-mails from his brother Jeffrey Skilling, who is held up in a minimum security prison in Littleton, CO. The e-mails are screened by the US Marshall before being sent out. Oh, Tom is being interrupted by someone at the local Fox Affiliate, asking Tom about the predictions of precipitation over the next three days.

Jessica Chastain is here, researching her role as an investigative reporter trying to infiltrate and report on local government corruption for the AP. She was originally tasked to do a period piece on the abuse of hippies during the 1968 National Democratic Convention, but nobody at the City was willing to be helpful about research. So, she’s doing this instead, which will get the attention of Sundance, Canne and the Academy, but will only be interesting to local History geeks (like me) and insiders in Hollywood. Come to think of it, she looks more like Joan Allen. Hmph.

Also here are Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, John Wayne Gacy, Jessica Simpson, and Hannibal Lechter. All are armed.

I hope all is well. Have a wonderful evening. Safe travels.