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Wednesday October 2, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, for want of severing a connection, 5:00PM express out of the City.

End of Day Two of the Shutdown to Save Us from Health, Kenyan style. Why doesn’t the Republican Majority just pass a CR without the ACA tweaks? In other words, thank the 45-50 Congresscritters for their efforts to date to bring down Obamacare. Well played. Excellent effort. Now, sit down and shut up. We’re calling Nancy Pelosi and finish this right here.

Why? Because John Boehner wants the SOTHORUS post more than he wants to keep the US functional, it seems. Without the ACA tweaks added by the Tea Baggers, the CR would pass clean. Shutdown averted. GOP would probably keep the Orangeman from Ohio as the Big Boss, but his 113 will not go well. 2014 looks fun already. Redistricting be damned.

Enough about a dysfunctional democracy. I’m on the Desi Express. If I were to claim, right now, to be a DHS/INS agent and ask to see papers, 100% of the immediate crowd would look at me funny. 50% of the crowd would be calling 911 – these would be the “native” suburbanites. The rest would dutifully pull out VISA cards, Passports, Green Cards, pictures of children, marriage certificates, and recommendations from previous employers.

Do you folks remember, almost a year ago, I mentioned a Desi fellow who always read self-help and self-improvement books, both by Western and Eastern authors? Hare Krishna consciousness type? No ponytail? He’s sitting next to me. He’s talking to his friend in a language I don’t quite understand, but the gist of it is that he is explaining passionately about the wonders of tapping into the Kundalini, or that he uses the word ‘kundalini’ as the backdoor (heh) password to get into the primary SQL database when managing the Oracle core shell for the too-big-too-fail trading firm.

The Desi fellow sitting in front of me, in the jump seat next to the window facing the direction of travel, looks eerily like a young Albert Einstein. His hair, more voluminous than mine, looks like dark thin spaghetti randomly placed about his head. To be fair, there is definition. He has the beginnings of a receding hairline, with two spikes above each temple penetrating the dark mass of curls. The mustache is certainly an homage to Uncle Al. Out Desi physicists facial hair, much like my own, is heavily peppered with shocks of silver hair. He is a handsome fellow.

Also here are a young Prince (from Purple Rain), Lance Armstrong, four GOP House members on vacation, lots of Bollywood Extras, and the whole office staff of the Chicago Office of the US-FDA. All are armed.

Happy Shutdown to you. Taste your meat before serving it to your kids. Safe Travels.