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Wednesday, September 10, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago




Good afternoon.

I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City.

Dr.Jeckyl-Hyde is in full swing. He has his right hand supporting the right side of his animated face, which is speaking to the back of Benched War Correspondent’s head.

Evidently he was listening to Elizabeth Warren’s questions to the SEC general, where she asked the question “Why hasn’t the SEC recommended a list of bank executives to be further prosecuted for fraud for the collapse of the economy due to CDS (Or CDO or CDL) – bad mortgages, since the Banks have already claimed direct liability and have been accrued fines of up to $32B?”

The SEC General, whose name J-H is now pondering, didn’t have a direct answer, stating that the SEC is a monitoring agency only with no prosecutorial powers. J-H renacts Sen. Warren’s clarification to the General “But, General, during the S&L crisis of the mid-1980’s, it was common that the SEC sent recommendations and amassed evidence to the Attorney General’s office to prosecute those executives found to commit fraud through the SEC’s hard work. Did the SEC do that with the evidence amassed that need to the fines against the current banks?” “No”, replied the General (again, J-H reenacting the whole conversation). “Why not?” asks J-H’s Senator Warren.

J-H then stops, like like the SEC General, and looks out the window silently.

Elizabeth Warren EMBARRASSES Bank Regulators At F…: http://youtu.be/2F6YkBa_Tig

Also here are Reverend Run, Moby, Gloria Estevan, Rachel Maddow, and the Son of Svenghoulie. All are armed.

Back to “One Size Fits All”.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

August 16, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:30AM into the City. A serious bunch here in the city car from the front. I am in my usual jump seat.

I saw something exciting yesterday. The Rail Authority has been late to upgrade and update their passenger cars for this particular train line. I’ve been told that the north and northwest bound train lines have plugs for electronic devices. The figured that many people will need power for their iCrackerBots and eVizuals, especially since due to eighty-five year old, pneumatically controlled manual switchgear, the train will be delayed by two or more hours.

Well, I am sure I saw a standard three prong plug recessed into the sidewall of the jump seat! Finally! I did not have a power plug for my device to test and see if there was live feed, but even the HINT of an amenity like that is promising. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only passenger who bothered to be aware of the new feature. Most of the other passengers were engrossed in the digital content they selected for the trip that day.

Jason Alexander, Tony Curtis, A desi Bradley Cooper, Moby, and Tia Carrera are all here on the train. All are armed.

Happy Friday. More later. Safe travels.

June 14, 2013 – Flag Day – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning, on the, Old Glorious,  7:55AM into the City. Today is Flag Day. Most of the train commuters – living in Red, family-values, God-Bless-the-USA suburbia – are unaware of the celebratory day. No one is wearing a Flag Pin, which was vitally important in 2008, but inconsequential today. Functional outrage has permeated grassroots, retail politics.

Furthermore, as the Immigration Debate marches on in the Capitol, it never ceases to amaze me how little multi-generational American Citizens know about the United States, while immigrants, naturalized citizens, and first generation U.S. Citizens (like me) work very hard to keep track of the history of this country, even in the face of “go back to where you came from” threats from those same God fearing American Citizens who don’t remember Flag Day. I don’t own a flag pin.

Anyway, young Ned Beatty is back and sitting in front of me. He has an envious physique. Muscular shoulders make his green off-the-shelf T-shirt go taunt. Barely a visible gut bulge on the man, making his torso nearly trapezoidal. At 5′-10″, this mid-forties fellow is making me feel insecure about my expanding circumference. I gotta get a move on!

The back Quiet Car is not heavily populated. Everyone wants to sit in the forward seats (in the direction of travel). I do, too, but I am late to get to the platform and hopped on to the train near the rear. Those who know me personally and know if this blog ask me “why sit in the Quiet Car?” I do so because it’s easier to free-associate and create, especially when all of the participants generally conform to the rules. In one of the other eleven “normal” cars on this train run, there would be music blaring and people chattering about on their iCrackerBots, skewing my interpretations one way or another.

Matthew Perry is here. Since “Friends” and various failed projects, he has completed his Series Six and Series Seven exams and is trading on the Exchange. He has allocated a mere fraction of his royalty income from “Friends” to match the available capital of most of the local trading houses in the City. Good luck, Chandler!

Right. Also here are Patti LaBelle, Carlos Santana, Moby, and Jerry Garcia. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe Travels.