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Wednesday, May 20, 2015 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning. I’m on the 7:30AM into the City. Its a chilly day for Late May in Chicago. The NF index is 3.

The train just left the station, but the intrepid commuters, who believe that they will reach their destination faster if they were in the lead car versus a comfortable seat a few cars back, stomp through the train as if climbing Everest. If the wheezes and grunts are any indication, Suburbia needs a lot more cardio training.

I am seated in my usual spot in the second train car. My back is facing the firewall separating this half of the compartment with the center-located exit doors. I am in a “jump seat”, flaked by three other commuters and facing the travelers.

The fellow across from me and to my left is a late-thirty-something Desi fellow who reminds me of a dark complected clean shaven Will Wheaton of Star Trek TNG fame. He is well connected. His white iCrackerBot is precariously placed on his lap. The cell signal radiating from the device is slow-broiling his right testicle. He fingers that device while playing with a thin, black iNebula touch screen computer, that he balances in his left hand. All of this high powered wireless entertainment is connected to his head with a large Bluetooth enabled headset. I’ve been hearing stories nowadays. Perhaps he’s an air traffic controller on the clock?

To my left and facing the crowd with me is Tiger Woods. He’s on the phone, reading eScriptures, as part of his personal atonement and to help him get back on top of his game.

Henry Winkler, the train conductor, came by to collect fares.

Also here are Christina Aguilera, a mullet headed Chuck Norris, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, and Paula Dean. All are armed to the teeth.

When the mood takes me, I’ll post.
Happy Wednesday to you.
Safe travels.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning. I’m on the 7:50AM into the City. The NF index is 2.

I’m sitting in the rear “quiet car” in my favorite place. The crowd is entertaining themselves with a mix of smartphone broadcast options and a fair number of printed books. Real books! Hmph. That’s so retro!

A primarily Caucasian crowd. The fellow in the way-back window seat, across the aisle, reminds me of a young Andy Garcia from the Untouchables. He’s reading a beefy novel in hardcover format.

Jacques Cousteau just sat down across the aisle and one seat over. Our famous fisherman analog is in gym shoes, a faded pair of jeans, a down black coat and a beige colored striped scarf. White, black and red stripes.

The fellow who sat next to me on the train is a Bears Fan, or at least has a Bears ski cap on to keep warm. Greg hoodie,  lack slacks, leather jacket. He’s in his early to mid fifties. His charcoal colored beard, and its a full but manscaped beard, is reminiscent of Michael Gross’s character on “Family Ties”. He removed his hat and is completely bald. Any hair that was on his head was shaved to the skin, and a faded patch of new hair now grows there like a shadow. Bearded man is a fidgety fellow. He was very keen to find a seat on the mezzanine to sit, but all those seats are full. He has an older model iCrackerBot with a fluorescent green, clear-plastic ” turtle shell” cover. His hands are very hairy. A WASP Saddam Hussain.

Also here are Taye Diggs, Rod Steiger, Ron Kittle, Chow Yun-Fat, and Paula Dean. All are armed.

Happy Holidays. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Safe travels.

Monday, June 9, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago




Good afternoon.

I’m on the 3:20PM out of the City. I got the Firm out of a jam and made us look equally compliant and accommodating without having our staff commit time and resources. I was a corporate hero. It doesn’t have the same satisfaction of saving lives or averting cataclysmic disaster, but it gets me in good with the Boss, and the wife & kids. I win as much as the taxpayers of the municipality and the county win, by being a good corporate representative.

Where’s my FIFA origin story? Why can’t Azziz Ansari play me in the biopic? (see Last Week Standing from June 8, 2014). Answer – ’cause what I did today only mattered to a few people and I got my reward. Out early! WoooHooo!

There’s a fellow sitting two seats down who is an unholy amalgam of Meatloaf, Guy Fieri, and Billy Joel. The man is in a white T-shirt, gray slacks, black shiny penny loafers, silver plated Rolex, and the latest Nebula 7 iCrackerBot doohicky. He talks with a perpetual smokers cough to his friend across the aisle. They walked in and sat down together, but the friend, who reminds me of Sting with hair (think BlueTurtles tour) and a five o’clock shadow, with the default look as “annoyed”, had to sit opposite our Fieri-Joel-Loaf co-commuter because the amalgam is at least 260lb of Soprano wannabe. What got me interested in these two was their conversation. They are in the construction or supply business, specifically for finishes like doors and locks, and catering to mid-level security establishments. Evidently there is another group the takes care of key-card or biometric interfaces. These two are strictly hardware – tumblers, deadbolts, and rockers.

The amalgam has a fifties pompadour hairdo straight out of Grease but aged thirty some odd years. Thinner, grayer, but totally hot-rod. There’s a bit of John Noble in his jawline and chin.

As a side bar, Cops shot in Las Vegas while eating pizza. Seattle-Pacific University thwarted by pepper spray and not a ballistically armed good guy. Guns didn’t make us more safe. How did that happen?

Also here are Paula Dean, a Duck Hunter, Mike Singletary, and Michael Ironsides. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.


Friday, May 9, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.

On the 7:50AM into the City. It is a rainy day. Everyone is moist.

There is a fellow sitting about six seats back who looks like a clean shaven Santa. His stark-white hair is about his jolly old head similar to Jerry Garcia in his hey day. The white eyebrows are like two hairy extensions of his wire rimmed bifocals. The beard is off for the spring and summer months. He’s more jowled than jolly these days. Perhaps he trims down old fat during the spring and summer and brings it all back anew for his winter activities?

There is a fellow, up top, who looks strange. A Desi man, IT, on his laptop. He’s not management – probably  contract hire. I say this because he is wearing a black and white striped polo that doesn’t even look good on basketball referees and crumpled urban outfitter slacks with side pockets on the sides that were becoming old back in the late 1990’s. Had he been working for management, he would have adhered to a different dress code. Anyway, our contractor friend makes a strange duckface as he bangs away on Hus laptop trying to debug some faulty SQL code. The duckface is not only popular with campy selfies, but has evolved into society such that it expresses itself during times of cognitive stress. Unfortunate. At least try for a Spock upturned eyebrow!

Also here are Judy Baar Topinka, Jackie Chan, an Observer from Fringe, and Paula Dean. All are armed.

Happy Friday, Siwash and Good Eggs! Safe travels.