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Thursday, October 9, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.

I’m on the 8:30AM into the City. This blog is coming full circle.
I started this travelogue two years ago, on advise from two dear friends of mine. One was a literary magazine editor in am past life; the other is a financial reporter. They both saw my original Facebook posts about my train rides as “Studs Terkel-ish, everyman observations” and convinced me, at a college homecoming in 2012, to move the effort to the blogosphere.

Now, I’m on a commuter train inbound to Union Station to catch a connecting Amtrak train to my Alma Mater. One of the realizations of that 2012 visit was that my wife and kids noticed a new energy from me. A spring in my step. So, since 2012, I’ve been taking a four night, three day “constitutional” every October. Today is the first day of this year’s annual pilgrimage.

I can’t help but notice that this is an off-peak, “cattle car” train, which makes more stops (every stop?) along this line. I am used to the constancy of the express trains, where once you are on, you can’t get off until the end of the line.

Sitting two seats in front of me is Conan O’Brian of talkshow fame, except that this fellow is 92 years young. His once Scotch-Irish jawline is now jowled. He didn’t shaved today, so there’s a rugged look about the wrinkles around his mouth. He is aurally fixated with his iCrackerBot, in that he is connected to the device via ear buds. He does not look inspired by the media feeding his eyes and ears, as it is evident he is watching a video.

Behind him, there is an Indo-American fellow who looks EXACTLY like Luther Vandross from the 1970’s, complete with a jet black coif of hair, a trimmed mustache and a good watch. He’s wearing a brown leather jacket. Luther Singh is asleep, his bejeweled hand in a fist so as to balance that tired, but gorgeously groomed, head in rhythmic slumber.

I will blog some more from the Amtrak. Also here are a Gandhi, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Reese Witherspoon and Lou Ferrigno. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe Travels.

Monday, April 7, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon. On the 3:55PM out of the City.

A good day. I’m getting better at AutoCAD. I had to take printed record drawings that were dated 1983 and create an architectural “base file” that others will use to generate their work. It cost me much of a weekend. My children were not happy with me. My wife was very annoyed with me. But, both know that what I do sometimes comes home with me. Thankfully, I am not working with infectious diseases anymore.

I am closer to closing out a number of projects all at the same time. This means (hopefully) I will have more time to take off work  and perhaps seek out new work. My current job is important and challenging, but I’ve reached the ceiling with my current firm. I need new challenges and new opportunities to advance, both economically and professionally. It’s time. Hard to do when there’s work to do and there is a family to feed and house. Easier when the workload eases up.

Enough about my silliness.

Jake Gyllenhall is asleep in the jump seat across the aisle. He’s got his headphones on. Grey slacks and a crumpled off-white button down shirt. The jacket is a nondescript black padded number with the rivet-buttons that consistently trigger the scanners at the TSA. I get nervous when he’s aboard. As I remember, one of his rides on the train out of the City was turned into an action movie – Speed Train or something. Not good for my constitution.

A more-hairy J.K. Simmons is here. The younger, red-headed fellow is asleep. Prior to sleeping, he was on his iCrackerBot, talking to his coworker about deadlines and production quotas as if he was the gear that is keeping the machine moving. But, after he hung up, I got the distinct impression that he barely understood what was coming out of his mouth. He fell asleep thinking about that conversation. I hope he finds the answers to his own, persistent questions.

Also here are a young Val Kilmer, the Russian Charge d’Affairs for the Midwest, Reese Witherspoon, and Bald Chintee Flea. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe Travels.