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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning. I’m on the 7:50AM into the City. The NF index is 2.

I’m sitting in the rear “quiet car” in my favorite place. The crowd is entertaining themselves with a mix of smartphone broadcast options and a fair number of printed books. Real books! Hmph. That’s so retro!

A primarily Caucasian crowd. The fellow in the way-back window seat, across the aisle, reminds me of a young Andy Garcia from the Untouchables. He’s reading a beefy novel in hardcover format.

Jacques Cousteau just sat down across the aisle and one seat over. Our famous fisherman analog is in gym shoes, a faded pair of jeans, a down black coat and a beige colored striped scarf. White, black and red stripes.

The fellow who sat next to me on the train is a Bears Fan, or at least has a Bears ski cap on to keep warm. Greg hoodie,  lack slacks, leather jacket. He’s in his early to mid fifties. His charcoal colored beard, and its a full but manscaped beard, is reminiscent of Michael Gross’s character on “Family Ties”. He removed his hat and is completely bald. Any hair that was on his head was shaved to the skin, and a faded patch of new hair now grows there like a shadow. Bearded man is a fidgety fellow. He was very keen to find a seat on the mezzanine to sit, but all those seats are full. He has an older model iCrackerBot with a fluorescent green, clear-plastic ” turtle shell” cover. His hands are very hairy. A WASP Saddam Hussain.

Also here are Taye Diggs, Rod Steiger, Ron Kittle, Chow Yun-Fat, and Paula Dean. All are armed.

Happy Holidays. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Safe travels.

August 13, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.

On the 7:30AM into the City. In the front Quiet Car, mainly because I missed the 7:18AM and had enough time to walk the extra fifteen-hundred feet to the east part of the platform.

I’ve been resigned to the frustratingly mundane. The sump pumps in the basement failed and the recent Midwest rainfall ended up in my basement. We did all the basic things, like remo e the standing water as much as we could with a shop-vac, move the valuable musical instruments to the garage, and rent a carpet cleaner Devi e to pull out the heaviest water logged areas of the carpeted area. We called in a plumber and an emergency cleanup service. They are doing outstanding work. We also called our insurance company. They kindly let me know that we did not add the “Sump/Sewer” rider to our home policy and none of this is their problem. How nice. So, I hightailed it back to work, because the cost of cleanup will run about one month’s worth of net pay.That does not include remediating the space with something more water resistant, like tile or concrete paint. I’ll worry about that later.

Well, enough about my woes. Al Madrigal is here. The Senior Latino Correspondent from the Daily Show is seated about ten seats back. His handsome jawline is accented by a well trimmed beard that connects to his widow-peaked shirt cropped black hair at the sideburns. His glasses give Al a very academic look, but the plaid shirt ruins the look.

A quick statistic – since I started writing today’s entry, at least twelve commuters, within my line of sight, picked their nose in public like second-graders. One or two were seriously inspecting the results of their labor.

Kathy Bates is here. The blonde, overweight administrator is in a black Cardigan sweater. Her shoulder length hair is down and around her head in an homage to Rachel from the third season of Friends. She is tapping away at her iCrackerBot, no doubt firing off a memo to terminate staff before Labor Day.

Also here are Taye Diggs, Lou Reed, Ron Kittle, Pam Dawber, and Sam Neill. All are armed.

RIP Robin Williams. If you are feeling blue, make it a point to reach out or seek help.

Happy Wednesday. Safe Travels.

Monday, April 7, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.

I’m on the late-for-me 7:55AM into the City. I was supposed to take some musical artists to the airport this morning as a favor to the volunteer organization my wife supports, but she got me out of it. And, bed was comfortable.

You folks may recall that I was meeting on Friday evening with some close friends to talk about Science. I am planning to start a one-week (five day) science club for kids ages 6-10. The intent is to teach children to think scientifically; To think reasonably and critically. I will throw some classical physics, basic chemistry, botany and ecology at them as well, but for the most part it’ll be discovery. Ten students. I hope this works!

Well, enough about my ideas.

For the six of you that have been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember Jacqueline Kennedy, who last we saw her taking the train was very pregnant. Well, she’s post-partum and back to work, on her Bell Laptop and iCrackerBot. She’s retained only a hint of gestation fat from the pregnancy, mainly around her jawline, but is otherwise as tall and Camelotish as we left her. Her long brown hair, though combed, is tucked behind her ears and drapes down to her chest. She is wearing a black overcoat and black leather boots that look more Space 1999 than Desperado. She has a really loud purse – bright yellow with various patterns, as if designed by Jackson Pollak with a stomach flu. It’s good to see a familiar face.

Ron Kittle is here. The retired White Sox slugger is in his late fifties now. He put down his baseball bat and is a retail manager at one of the department stores in downtown. He’s wearing a red, Fred Rodgers like cardigan and reading a book (an actual book!) He emotes while he reads, and evidently the main character of the story is experiencing some lower G.I. issues, based on the fluctuating facial expressions.

Also here are Tony Montagna, Chaz Bono, a Desi Tony Danza, and Gen. Colin Powell. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe Travels.

Monday, December 2, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the post-thanks, behind the curve, 7:55AM into the City. The NFI is 3.

Quite a crowd this morning! Evidently, most of the commuting crowd, in the midst of holiday planning, neglected to look at the calendar and realize that the following full workday, post Turkey-day, falls in December. The ticket line to purchase monthly and ten-ride tickets at the station was out the door, down the stairs and well into the parking lot. As you may remember, dear reader, I had purchased my monthly ticket the day BEFORE leaving for the holiday weekend.

In any case, there are a lot of different and self-abusive faces on board this morning. A crowded train.

Samantha Bee is here. The Senior Female Correspondent from The Daily Show is SRO and not happy about it. It seems that she was hoping for a seat but quickly realized that the train is packed to the gills with IT workers and customer-service personnel, well beneath her pay grade. This population overflow, and the added fact that her Thanksgiving Weekend was a nightmarish extended therapy session with her Aunt Trudy, who was once mistaken for Eva Braun (and proud of it), makes her the queen grumpy person in the train car.

Turns out that Aunt Trudy, age 75, has hidden her fifty-year clandestine relationship with Bobby Addison, age 55 now, from the whole family. Bobby was the paperboy and later handyman to Aunt Trudy and Uncle Phil since Bobby was 15 or so. He was always around the house. Well, Uncle Phil died about twenty years ago. Aunt Trudy has been coming to Thanksgiving every year. But this year, she got totally bombed after downing nearly a full bottle of Manichevitz. She was just all over the place! Anyway, the long and short of it is that Trudy and Bobby have been together since the Reagan Administration and are still “doing it”. He actually likes it when she takes her dentures out. Ewww!

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Friday, November 22, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the motorcade-like 7:50AM into the City.

It’s been fifty years since the death of President John F. Kennedy. The once reviled “City of Hate”, Dallas, TX, is throwing a memorial event for the 36th President.

I am a skeptic that Oswald was the lone shooter. It has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. It has everything to do with the Zapruder film and the final shots. I am not going to use my short trip from the Western Suburbs to the City to retry the Warren Commission report. I believe that the Assassination was the seminal pivot point of American and World Power.

Well, enough social studies for the day. Brandon Routh is here. The Superman Returns star is successfully hiding in plain sight. Nobody notices him. Brandon is reading a script on his eReader. Evidently its for a role at the Steppenwolf. He hopes to score this role so that he can finally… finally… break away from the Superman thing. That was a mistake.

Kathy Bates is here. Blonde hair, the Oscar winner is wearing aemailse sweater. She has been letting herself go. Our doppelganger is a project manager or team leader for a large corporation. The logo for the company is on the iCrackerBot clamshell protector. She is reading her emails and not looking happy. She is texting the offending employee, ensuring that the minion is in her office as soon as she gets there so she can make the little peon cry like a baby. She may go so far as to sit on him to make sure he knows who’s boss. She finishes her text, puts a way the device, and closes her eyes. She has a look of peace and satisfaction on her face. Sometimes a show of force is both necessary and satisfying to maintain corporate compliance.

Also here are a young Yoko Ono, Aziz Ansari, Ron Kittle, and Winnie Mandela. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Keep vigilant. Safe travels.

Friday, November 1, 2013 – All Saints Day – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago




Good morning. On the dark and stormy 7:55AM into the City. The NFI is 1. Happy All Saints Day to my Catholic readership. Et Spiritus Sancti.

Goran Visnjic is here. The olive skinned, dark haired, angle jawed actor is sitting one seat over. He is going over his lines for the next “Girl…” movie from Sweden, where he plays the Girl’s boss at the detective agency. He’s using his eReader to skim over scanned scripts, encrypted so the Hollywood magazines and Papanazis don’t spoil the movie. Though, if you’ve red the book, you know how the movie is going to turn out.

The elegant older woman is back. The Bette Davis-Diane Keaton hybrid woman is sitting next to me, meditating. She has a smile on her face. Her blonde hair is cut schoolboy short. The days of long tresses and hair management are a thing of the past. She is content.

She moves slowly and deliberately, perhaps due to age-related arthritis. This does not stop her from taking the commute into the City to conduct her business. It is an honor to encounter elegance like this woman in my travels.

Also here are Ron Kittle, Joseph Bernadine, Michael Flagler, John Paul II, and Mother Teresa. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe Travels.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago




Good morning. On the, bundled, 7:50AM into the City. A full train.

I’m sitting in front of a brunette Selma Diamond. The diminutive, smoker-voiced bailiff from “Night Court” is reading a book on sales and salesmanship. I’m guessing she’s going back to school, which is admirable as the woman in front of me is easily in her mid-sixties. She’s wearing dark-blue jeans, a black down-layered jacket and is wearing silver rings. No gold. Silver earrings. Black classes. A serious woman.

If she is trying to go into sales and marketing, she doesn’t seem to have the general vibe for the job. The sales people and advertising folk that I know are generally more ebullient. Their vibe is much more inviting. Ms. Diamond here looks more like a closer. A results oriented, no nonsense, by the book sort of person. She doesn’t smile, or hasn’t yet.

For those of you who are classic Doctor Who fans, the Master is here. Roger Delgado played him, and a younger version of the man, looking well dressed, well groomed and sinister, is sitting two seats back along the window. His perfectly trimmed goatee and parted wave in his hair make him look perfect for galactic domination or hedge fund management.

Stephen Fry is here. The British satirist, comedian, actor and author is looking about the car, much like I am, to see what and sbo seems interesting. A music lover, Mr. Fry has on a large set of headphones that make him look slightly alien, but the music is very much self contained in the vacuum created around his ears by the soft padding. I can bear music coming from cheap headphones of other rider within the car, but not from his direction.

Right. Enough voyeurism for today. Also here are Valerie Bertinelli, Richard Kind, Ron Kittle, Leslie Nielson, and a Bouvier. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the, product placed, 7:55AM into the City.

For those of you new to this blog, please look under the “Uncategorized” tag for a description of of NFI.
The NFI is 2. Its early in the season yet.

Its the time of year where the adventurous of us dress too light for the temperature conditions, the centrists and progressives dress appropriately for the conditions, and the very careful dress or neurotic dress too warmly. Breaks out into a bell curve. For example, the Louise “Wheezy” Jefferson looking woman is sitting with a thick woolen overcoat reading a book called “Be a Cheerful Giver”. Sitting in front of her, my opposite along the aisle’s line of symmetry, is a man who looks like a greyed-out John Leguizamo, reading from an iBlazeNebula. John is wearing a sweater and blue jeans.

Karl Rove is here. He’s up top and staring out the window, pondering. He’s periodically scraping his tongue with his teeth with a disgusted look on his face. I think he just got a taste of his own rhetoric. Y’see, the original intent he had was to enliven the base of the Republican Party – Values Voters, families, the salt of the earth core. Instead of using patriotism or fiscal discipline, he used anger and meanness to start the fire. He has said so in no uncertain terms. And now, he can’t out it out, even when that fire is destroying his own party. He has opened the door and now he’s trying to close it. His rhetoric, unfortunately is failing.

Norman Mailer is sitting next to me. The acclaimed author, playwright and intellectual is playing internet poker with “ZsaZsa1973” on his iCrackerBot. I want to ask him so many questions about old New York, the times he lived, and the amazing relationships he had with luminaries of his day, but he’s got a solid straight 10 high and I don’t want to jinx it.

Also here are Norman Schwartzkopf, a Sontaran Field Marshal, Dr. Ruth Westheimmer, and Ron Kittle. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Taking Friday off. Safe Travels.

Monday, October 14, 2013 – Columbus Day – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the, exploratory, 7:55AM into the City. There are plenty of worker bees and middle management staff begrudgingly ignoring the misplaced holiday commemorating the subjugation of the Native People of this great land by a greedy minority, hell bent on the search for power and riches and the enslavement of “lesser people” to further their ends.

And then we have Day Fourteen of the US Shutdown. No real progress will be made today, as it is a Federal Holiday, so even essential services are curtailed. Well, at least that will save the taxpayers money. I’m surprised Michelle Bachmann hasn’t spun this furlough to be an “extended holiday for our hardworking staff and a cost savings to the American Taxpayer. See, we’re thinking only of you!” Ah, her speechwriter has been furloughed.

Enough about that. CeeLo Green is here. He has his sunglasses on and is fast asleep, with his shaved head leaning up against the triple-pane, poly-carbonate safety glass. I wonder, is he thinking about beat tracks while he sleeps? And are they at a rhythm or tempo in-sync (heh) with the movement of the train? I wonder….

Wendy Davis is here. The diminutive, but enduring, Democrat from Texas, who has recently been anointed by Texas Dems as their candidate for Governor, is wearing a fabulous leopard print coat. Though a bit heavy for today’s weather, and given she is from Texas, one could understand the need for extra layers. I can’t tell if she’s wearing gym shoes or not.

Also here are a thin Matt Damon, Laura Dern, Michael Diamond, and Ron Kittle. All are armed.

Right. Stay vigilant. Don’t let inaction and hyperbole creep into the conversation. Be aware that in today’s headlines, it reads “Reid and McConnell are talking.” The main headlines is that two old white men are engaging in civil discourse. This reminds me of Facebook posts from toddler parents “Ohhhh! They started talking!”

Happy Monday. Go enslave a native and hand out diseased blankets. Safe travels.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, heavy lifting, 7:50AM into the City.

Perhaps its due to the layering, as fellow travelers have broken out the fall and winter jackets, or because I want to imbue my fellow travellers with my own gluttonous body image to feel better, but everyone on this car looks big. Unhealthy big.

For example, the massive Danny Bonaduce looking fellow looks like he used to be bouncer at a biker bar. Thing is, that very body mass does him well in his current job. Based on the logo stitched to his shirt, he is a collection agent or teller at one of those hole-in-the-wall payday loan places. So he gets to lend money at 1000%/day and then go back later to squeeze it out of then poor fool who utilized the service. Today is enforcement-day, as he has on the aforementioned shirt and is shining his brass knuckles with a terrycloth as the train sways back and forth.

One of the smallest people on the train is a Justin Beiber look-alike. His neo-Elvis Presley blonde hairdo is set in place with about four gallons of “product”. He is wearing designer sunglasses and SPF 2000 on his skin to block sunlight from affecting his skin. In contrast, Justin Beiber is seated next to a tall, strong and imposing looking Sikh gentleman (think dead-sword-dude from Raiders of the Lost Ark) who makes Justin look like a light bulb. I believe the Sahib has a pair of daggers next to his database management ops manual in his attache case.

Also here are Derrick Rose, John Leguzamo, Harriett Tubman, the cast of “Monsoon Wedding”, and Ron Little. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.