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Wednesday, September 24, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago


Good evening.

I’m on the, exceptionally brief, 5:22PM out of the City.

This train is an express to my very nice stop, with one prior stop to the very Very nice stop before my own. My Boss borrowed my family minivan for a thing he had to do today, but he let me drive his very very nice luxury sedan. The rules? From his house to my house last night. From my house to the very Very nice town station (for which he has a parking pass). Hop the train to work. Take care of business. Come back to the very Very nice town’s station and go back to his house to switch vehicles.

I’m on that second to last leg now.

A Seth Rogan looking ginger-haired fellow, with a full beard, is seated one seat over. Ginger-blonde, actually. A sharp nose. His claim to fame is a tweed jacket and a blue-gray plaid bow tie. This on a steel-gray plain button down cotton shirt. Already, this is an impressive feat of fashion excellence. He brings black horn rimmed glasses worthy of 1950’s rock and rollers, and high end, studio quality sound isolating headphones for his, now-antiquated iCrackerBot05.

Behind him sits a dejected Bill Nye. He is still regretting having participated in the publicly held debate regarding Creation vs Evolution. All it did was be a money maker for Ken Ham, and not a forum for reasonable discussion of what should be taught in science class. He’s still, while seated, itemizing the expense receipts for his accountants so that he doesn’t get audited by the God Fearing IRS.

A handsome North Indian couple is seated in my jump seat. Thankfully, she sits across from me, though he is rather good looking. She is curvy, but not overweight. She should smile more when she texts home to Mumbai. He is playing solitaire.
Ah, love!

Also here are Molly Ringwald, Ban Ki Moon, Don Zimmer, and the Wicked Witch of the West. All are armed.

I just decided to hire a drum teacher. I just donated money to my Alma Mater. Homecoming, here we come.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning. On the warm 7:30AM into the City. The NFI is 3.

I was wondering. Must everyone do what they want to do? Must every person do what they may be exceptional at doing? Are there not matters of opportunity, resources, and personal decisions? Is there such thing as a wasted life?

Questions, questions, questions.

Speaking of questions, the very handsome Mr. September from Fringe is here. Our fellow is complete bald, has brown eyebrows, is fit like a former high school wrestler or quarterback, and is plainly dressed. He has comfortable shoes with rubber “booties” around them, dark-olive colored slacks, a white shirt with a grid cross stitch pattern, and a comfortable woolen overcoat. He’s listening to his iStationary with white ear buds.

He doesn’t seem to have any questions of self worth or underutilization. He’s content. He ought to be. I wonder if Mrs. September is also bald? Hmph.

Agent Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D. is here. He’s up top, dressed in his usual black suit, black tie and white shirt. He most certainly is contemplating his worth. Though well respected by his superiors, he has this feeling he’s not supposed to be here. He can’t seem to shake that feeling as he looks out the window and up into the sky, no doubt wondering where the sky-carrier is while he has to commute into the City for his current undercover assignment.

Also here are Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogan, Cal Ripken Jr., and Eydie Gorme. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the just caught 7:35AM into the City. Back quiet car. The pretty people are just boarding.

The fellow who sat in front of me reminds me of Cary Elwes, the lead in Princess Bride and  Robin Hood – Men in Tights. Aged appropriately, our fellow is a mid level or upper level executive at a mid-volume brokerage or commodities trading house in Downtown. He is on the forecasting side and doesn’t concern himself with clients directly. He’s a numbers man.

Accordingly, he is on his iCrackerBot, chatting away with his peers in Hong Kong and Mumbai. He is looking to capitalize on Ramen Noodle futures. The grain for the flour comes from India, but the ramen and those oh-so-delicious flavor packs are processed and packaged in China. Of he can get a line on gross production sales, he can be one-step-ahead in the highly competitive one-minute-meal options out there. Gold, precious metals, foreign currency? These are slow movers. Spicy Noodle Bowls? He’s gonna be rich!

An absolutely stunning brunette woman is seated eight seats back, also typing on her iCrackerBot. She reminds me of Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but brunette and glasses rather than fire-red ginger hair. The mustachioed polish fellow sitting next to her is beside himself. He is all smiles. Evidently, pretty women don’t generally sit next to him. He is trying his best to read the paper but can’t stop glancing over at the bespectacled beauty.

The regional Ambassador of Egypt (to the USA) is here. He is sitting right across from me in the next seat over. I’m guessing that he is a member of the legation because he is wearing an ID on a lanyard with the seal of the Republic of Egypt on his neck. He is well dressed, as expected of an Ambassador. He has a wonderful ruddy olive completion, though the skin is mottled due to a childhood pox infection. A regal looking man.

Also here are Seth Rogan, Kobayashi from Usual Suspects, a young Regis Philbin, and an even younger Louis Black. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.

June 26, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, decidedly new, 7:00AM into the City. The BHTSI (pronounced “bitsy”) is 3. Discussions of clean shaven (and decidedly better looking) players and fans abound. Even the female fans, in solidarity for the players, have scheduled long-ignored bikini waxes. Go Hawks.

Hey! A young Seth Rogan is here! The Canadian-born screenwriter and actor is looking decidedly comic fanboy geeky. He is sitting next to his girlfriend, a plain but attractive woman. Her head is down, chin touching her chest, so it is difficult to be inspired by her.

Oh, it’s important to note that I am, again, out of my usual territory. Instead of the morning quiet car (front or back) I am sitting in a jumpseat in the fourth or fifth car from the front (direction of travel). A group of four people who are obviously friends or neighbors sits on the other jumpseat talking about gallons of BBQ sauce residing in refrigerators.

Jan Brady sat down some four seats back, adjusted her blonde shoulder length hair using a hair clip, and has since settled into a fitful nap.

There is a cute recent college grad, brown long hair, pink cotton blouse, black skirt, no hose, sitting right in front of me. Just got her first job. Still not used to train life. She was chatting with the more seasoned blonde, Martha Plimpton looking, up-and-coming executive that sat down next to her. Martha has a big, very full, black leather purse/handbag big-name knockoff on her lap that she uses as a table. Coffee in Martha’s left hand, paperback resting on the bag as she reviews an errant e-mail.

I can’t quite pin who the college grad looks like. She reads her book with her mouth slightly ajar. The hoop earrings stay parallel to her neck. Attractive but not noticeable. Girl next door but not quite MaryAnn from Gilligan’s Island. I hope she goes far.

Also here are Condaleeza Rice, Fred Grandy, Eddie Murphy from his Raw days, and Regis Philbin. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Stay calm.
Safe travels.

February 27, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good evening. On the, grossly overrated, 3:55PM out if the City. The NFI is one.

Harvey Keitel followed me in and happened to witness one of my idiosyncrasies. I left work in a good mood after a long day and for the anticipation of family coming into town. Many that know me know that a march to a different drummer – somewhat literally in my case.

Harvey saw me contemplating a particularly audacious (air) drum riff and found it notable. I must admit that it must be a bit of a shock to see a short, pleasantly plump Indian man go into a musical grand mal seizure-like air drum solo just before boarding the train car. My only explanation for my behavior is that the drum solo was EPIC in the annals (heh) of air drum solotude.

Enough about me and Harvey. Benched War Correspondent is in his usual spot. He looks sad. Sadder than even the last time I saw him. He is checking his iCrackerBot for an exit strategy into the private sector and far away from journalism. He wants to sell out. He knows, based on his contacts and body of work, he could get a mid-six-figure-salary at Disney, Viacom, Haliburton or Lockheed in the next few weeks.

The Fourth Estate has become low-income housing anyway! No one (right or left) wants fact-checking or honest assessment of issues. Solid investigative journalism is the exception, not the rule, in a stimulus-response, data-doesn’t-lie, one liners are better than ten-paragraph mentality.

Benched War Correspondent is spent. He is tired. He is contemplating the last train ride for a long vacation and a new life as a corporate mouthpiece. He wipes the proverbial brown smear from his lips and nose and dreams of little umbrellas in his mixed drink.

Dr. Jekyll-Hyde is here. He has his second-generation eReader (I believe its a Nile Smoulder), which he covets like a teddy-bear or a photo of a long-lost lover. He isn’t debating Seth McFarlane’s performance at the Oscars, Republicans vs Tea Partiers, Sequester vs Compromise, or Hetero-marriage vs Love. He looks content with the Dr. Phil audiobook back-,catalogue.

Sitting in the jumpseat across from me is a petite blond woman, late-thirties, who reminds me of an elf in Dungeons & Dragons or out of Tolkein. Perhaps she’s a Vulcan?

Also here are Caucasian Barack Obama, Clive Owen, Seth Rogan, and Sen. Harry Reed reading a book about Necromancy.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.