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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning.

On the 7:35AM into the City.

I’ve been away. I went to visit family and when I got back, other family members were in town to visit my family. All sorts of family and all fun!

I got back into town on Monday morning and took a rapid transit train back into Downtown. I think pressurized airplane air has a anesthetic effect on me that wears off only hours later. I was awake but numb on the train ride into Downtown, which continued throughout the day and into the ride home on the 3:55PM out of the City on Monday. I ended up napping. I took Tuesday off to hang out with the family. Now, I’m here with my fellow co-commuters and the fourteen of you that read this blog. Thank you and Hi, Mom!

A rather Tyler Perry-ish, yet stylish, Big Momma sat in the opposite jump seat, facing the vector of motion. She has been on her cell phone chatting the whole time. She’s wearing a Janet Jackson metal studded black cloth brimmed cap, a bright red jacket that looks to be made of a tent material, black leggings that are stretched to near-sheer coefficient forces, and gray gym shoes (or sneakers) with various patterns highlighted in neon yellow. She has already been reminded that this is a quiet car by a Christian Slater Interview With A Vampire looking character, who immediately went back to his eerie slumber after indignantly blurting “Ma’am, this is the Quiet Car!” which startled the rest of the other vampires.

Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine (nee Kate Middleton), the Duchess of Cambridge is here, sitting across from me in the jump seat. Even in more “commoner” clothing, HRH is resplendent with regal beauty and the trappings of her office. The Duchess has been diligent in getting her royal person back into lineage-producing shape. To blend in with us measly post-colonials, the Duchess has decided to wear a gray coat that ends just below her royal bottom, but will keep the Windsor-kiln nice and warm, as there is word that she is already producing another royal person. Black slacks and comfortable shoes completes the disguise. She is listening to historic royal proclamations from her grandmother-in-law from the 1570’s, Queen Elizabeth just took the throne.

Also here are Jane Byrne, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Jeff Foxworthy, and Caroline Kennedy. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

Monday, November 11, 2013 – Veterans Day – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. A reverential Veterans Day to you. I’m on the 7:22AM into the City. A lighter crowd than usual.

I was supposed to bring my children with me to work today. They were so excited last night. My wife reminded me late last night that I needed to be home with them by 3:30PM, which I could not guarantee. So, this morning I wrote them a note. I hope they understand.

These folks do not look happy to be working on a federal holiday. A blonde Claire Danes looking woman is seated about eight seats back. Well dressed and made up. If she was going to have to work then, by gum, she was going to look stunning while going to work! Claire is on her iCrackerBot, reading up on some issue or another sent by her boss, who is off on this Federal holiday.

At least one Gulf War 1 veteran, who reminds me of Bruno Kirby in “Good Morning Vietnam” is here. Wiry, sharp jawed, clean shaven, widow peaked, our former Captain is reading a gold embossed copy of the King James Bible, with a bookmark of an artists rendition of  Our Savior nailed to the cross. Sorry boys and girls, he is happily married.

A lord of the realm is here. A blonde, blue eyed, bearded fellow, mid-forties, with Simon Cowell’s hairdo and facial features, is sitting window side across the aisle and six seats back. He’s looking out the window. It is quite possible he is trying out for the next Star Wars (Episodes VII-IX) movies, as the casting directors are in town to screen candidates. Good luck, Lord Fauntleroy!

Also here are George Castanza, Tyler Perry, Wil Wheaton (present day), and two dejected Bears fans. All are armed.

A reverential Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.
Safe travels.

July 1, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:50AM into the City. I just got back from a wonderful family gathering in Columbus, OH. It seems that there are some family fans of this blog who were generally curious about what I am doing. I can’t deny that some of the curiosity was concern for my mental health and obvious (and alarming) skill for public voyeurism.

That being said, Ned Beatty is back and looking buffed as ever. He looks like a boxer. He’s got on a grey nondescript t-shirt, blue jeans and worn out grey-black sneakers. His backpack is black. The mans hair is cropped military short and has taken on an almost orange-heather like hue from the summer sun. He is friendly and cordial, but otherwise could hide in plain sight.

Leonard Maltin, the composer and musical darling of the Hollywood social set, is sitting five seats back. The bearded gentleman is on his iCrackerbot, with headphones, using a downloaded app to mix in samples of Stravinsky, Michael Bolton, The Carpenters and Captain & Tennille with a distinct funk shuffle beat for Barbara Streisand to record for her next album. Good luck with that Leonard!

Tyler Perry is sitting one seat up and against the window from Leonard. The handsome, dark chocolate colored and five-o-clock shadowed fellow is on his eReader device, looking through Greek and Roman mythology for more story ideas to embroil his signature character, Medea, around so Medea can incorporate her Baptist, reverential and Southern African-American wisdom and wit to resolve the conflict. What better place to incorporate a strongly worded “Chil’ PLEASE!” than in the middle of a Romeo and Juliet type story?

Also to be mentioned are Penny Pritzker, Ban Ki Moon, Lance Armstrong, and Ken Watanabe. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

December 10, 2012 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, warm and fuzzy, 7:53AM into the City. The NFI is 4. Tyler Perry is sitting across from me in the jumpseat. His long massive legs barely fit into the seating space. His shins, and were just talking half the distance up from his feet, are resting on the front of the seat that I occupy. He has an outdated model cell phone with plastic buttons and a flip-top to access a QWERTY keyboard and screen. I am fascinated by his dexterity with the device given that his fingers are larger in diameter than most hot dog brands. TP is plainly dressed with khaki slacks, a white-blue pinstriped shirt, and a zipper sweater. He is under-dressed for the expected weather forecast. I hope he doesn’t have to travel far.

Also here is my new cube-headed friend. He is sitting in the opposite jump seat, aisle, in line with TP. When I boarded and sat down, he looked at me with keen interest. I guess I must be an equally recognizable figure to my subjects as they are to me. Cubed-head gave me a naturally stiff, precise, angular nod and then closed his eyes for his daily meditation. I wonder. Does he dream in angles and polygons? Or, just the opposite, does he fantasize in curves? I ask because almost everything about this fellow reminds me of Legos figurine. Which may mean that he views me as a beanbag with legs.

Just past Tyler Perry in the next seat over, is Gladys Knight. An elegant and elderly African American woman who is maybe five feet tall, she is wearing gold inlay trimmed glasses, fake gold earrings that hang down from her earlobes like small shields attached together with an invisible wire. She has her eyes closed and a smile on her face. I imagine her practicing her choir hymnals, or revisiting yesterdays performance, with pride and a will to please her God.

Up top is a shaven-headed Kid Rock, mixing tracks on his laptop computer. A fellow who looks like a’50’s Ivy League CIA/FBI man is napping behind Cubed-Dude. And the suspicious middle eastern fellow is also here.

OK. Visions of sugar plums dancing. Have a good week. Safe travels.